Fiddle Lessons

During lessons Davy often commented that he was passing on what he knew in the same manner that he was taught by the late Tom Anderson.  

In the 1990’s he gave lessons at his home in Ayr to John Ferguson.  At a number of these lessons Davy made use of his cassette recorder not only to record the tune along with a short introduction …but also to comment on how it should be played.  There are over 30 tunes presented here from these lessons   …many of them with Davy’s own hand written score   … and some referring to other material such as W.C Honeyman’s “Strathspey, Reel & Hornpipe Tutor”.

Ordered list of recordings as given at lessons: –

    Mrs MacLeod
    Soldier’s Joy
    The Deil among the tailors
    The Flowers of Edinburgh
    Peerie hoose ahint da burn
    The merry boys of Greenland
    MacDonald’s reel
    Scale on G
    Scale on A
    The West-End Hornpipe (Newcastle Style)
    The West-End Hornpipe (Sand Dance Style)
    MacDonald’s reel (Slow)
    The Rights of Man Hornpipe
    Kemp’s Hornpipe
    Liverpool Hornpipe
    The Colosseum
    Marquis of Lorne Hornpipe
    Neil Gows Lament for his 2nd Wife
    The Flower of the Quern
    Manchester Hornpipe
    Ronald Cooper
    Millicent’s Hornpipe
    Jenny Dang the Weaver
    Miss Drummond of Perth
    The Devil in the Kitchen
    The smith of couster’s Fancy
    The Grocer
    The Blackthorn stick
    Father O’Flynn
    The Irish Washerwoman
    Da Hill of Finnigirt
    Da Burn of Finnigirt
    Tam Wilkie