Curlew: Fiddle Music from Shetland and Beyond

(LP, Topic Records 12TS435, 1985)

Side One: Tilley Plump/Auld Foula Reel/Oot and In da Harbour; Grenadier and His Lady/Eunssagh Vana; Da Oyster/Yonder Hills/Fit da Gutter; Childgrove/Muineira de Cabanas; Father Tom /Veronique’s Reel/Hamish’s Reel (all D Tulloch); Janne’s Reinlander/The Cambridge

Side Two: Da Cauld Nights of Winter/Square da Mizzen/Da Ness of Sound (D Tulloch); C’raad T’ou Goll My Veg Dhone?/Ta Dick Veg Er Yannoo Mie/Nancy (Tom Clough); Ramna Stacks/Da Spirit of Whisky/Gold for da Boannie Lasses; Two Norwegian Reinlanders; Alvadansur (P Hansen); Da Road to Houll (Anderson)/John Pottinger’s Compliments to Ronnie Cooper (Pottinger)/Simon’s Wart (Willie Hunter)

Davy Tulloch (fiddle), Veronique Nelson (fiddle), Dave Jackson (guitar, string bass)


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