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  1. Lindon Bolt says:

    I was lucky enough to have lessons from Davy at his home in Ayr. I remember I used to drive there when I was learning to drive. My folks used to be in the car and go sit in the ‘Welly’ while I had my time with Davy, then I used to walk round and meet with them sometimes with Davy in tow. We’d sometimes come across Alastair McCulloch and Andrew McGarva + others in the pub sometimes having a play. He was a fantastic guy and I feel very lucky to have known him and been taught by him for a while. He always had a bounding enthusiasm for his music, which was infectious…….at the time I probably didn’t appreciate it as much as I should have, but looking back I think I learned so much more from him than playing the fiddle!! I haven’t touched my fiddle properly for some years, and finding and reading this webpage makes me feel guilty about that as I can picture Davy’s face when I hadn’t done as much playing as maybe I should – I could never fool him! I’m still heavily involved in music (and I attribute much of my own enthusiasm now to my time with Davy). I still have some of the music (mainly his own tunes) which he wrote out for me………I might just go and get it all out again. Feeling a renewed enthusiasm after finding this website!! Lindon Bolt

  2. catrionablack2014 says:

    Davy was my first fiddle teacher, in the early 1980s at primary school in Edinburgh. He was a total inspiration. I still love the tunes he taught us, and still remember him doing funny tricks like playing upside down and with the fiddle between his legs. After he left, we had a succession of uninspiring classical teachers and I just wanted to play Davy’s kind of music again. In fact I remember that one lad continued privately with Davy and when our school classical teacher found out she was furious. I eventually did get to play Davy’s kind of music again, and became a regular at sessions, and fiddled for years in a ceilidh band.

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